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 Using leading edge technology, Crew submersible drainage and dewatering pumps are available to suite almost every dewatering application.  With our experience to provide you with the right pump for the right application. Crew submersible drainage pumps have been designed to suit South African Conditions and they are used throughout the mining and construction industry.  Crew submersible drainage pumps are easy to maintain and are virtually silent in operation - their robust construction, durability of hydraulic components are high resistance to aggressive and abrasive media also means long service life. These jacketed submersible pumps are designed to run in a totally or semi submerged condition and can operate reliably under snore conditions.
With their wide rage of reliable pumps, Crew are ideally placed to handle all drainage and dewatering problems.

Crew submersible drainage pump impellers are specifically designed to handle aggressive and abrasive media such as sand, clay and rockdust in hydraulic suspension.  The multi-vaned, open or semi-open channel impellers are available in various material options.  The design of these impellers and their matching rubberlined diffusers and diffuser rings allow for easy on site adjustment and setting so as to help guarantee continuous high efficiency pumping.  The impellers are fully hydraulically balanced including pump out vanes and balancing holes where necessary.


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Drainage Pumps
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Crew submersible drainage pumps are designed and manufactured for the pumping of large quantities of water in the demanding varying applications found in the quarry, construction site and mine dewatering industries.  They are also suitable for industrial effluent pumping and irrigation pumping of raw water from rivers.  Being suitable for a wide variety of drainage and dewatering applications, they are characterized by their robust, compact and hardy design. Crew submersible drainage pumps are east to transport and require little or no preparatory installation work - simply place in the water and start pumping.
Whatever the application, there is a suitable Crew submersible pump available, be it for a high head, high capacity or in a confined space or even an explosive

Cooling A
The integral jacket over the stator housing ensures optimum cooling at rated output regardless of whether the pump is fully submerged or not.

Motor (B) and Protection System (C)
The Crew squirrel cage alternating current induction motor is insulated to Class F, resulting in a maximum working temperature of 125C and maximum permitted rise in temperature of 100C.  Thermal overloads and optionally a phase angle relay will protect your pump.  Note - provision must be made to connect these devices to your control panel.

Oil Casing (D) and Seals (E)
The oil casing includes an air chamber to allow for expansion when warm, while maintaining a low pressure.  The oil acts as a buffer between the motor and hydraulic end and lubricates the mechanical seals.  Seal failure would result in the ingress of water.  By regular oil inspection seal conditions can therefore be monitored and timeous action can be taken to effect economic maintenance.

Bearings (F) and Wearing Parts (G)
The pump's performance can, after heavy wear, be improved on site via adjustment of the wearing parts.  If new parts fitment and setting procedure is simple and quick.

Automatic Level Control
The Crew Level Regulator is a modern and simple device to solve problems of level control in a safe and economical way.  The casing is moulded in polypropylene and the switch is of the mercury type. The unit is internally weighted to ensure positive switching and the whole unit is filled with urethane foam to ensure an extended life.
There are no moving parts in the level regulator.  The cable has a PVC outer sheathing, resistant to most chemicals.  The level regulator has been specifically designed for sewage and mine drainage installations however they are widely used in pumping stations in general.
In a typical single pump installation 2 units are installed, one for switching on and one for switching off.  A third one may be used to operate installation.  Standard versions include 6, 13, or 20m cable lengths.  Other cable lengths are available on request.  Crew also offer a wide range of micro-switch and solid state level control devices.  

Materials of Construction 
These pumps are available in Cast Iron, Aluminium or Stainless Steel.

 Casing Cast Iron BS 1452 Grade 220/LM25 3/6 S/Steel
 Bearing Housing
Cast Iron BS 1452 Grade 220l/M25 3/6 S/Steel
 Junction Box
 Cast Iron BS 1452 Grade 220l/M25 3/6 S/Steel
 Impellers Hardened high chrome iron or hardened SG iron
 Diffussers & Oil Housing
 Cast Iron BS 1452 Grade 220/LM25 3/6 S/Steel rubber nitrile lined or polyurethane lined
 Shaft Stainless Steel EN57
 Mechanical Seals:
Mech Seal Upper
Tungsten Carbide - Carbon
 Mech Seal Lower
 Tungsten Carbide - Tungsten
 Bearings Life expectancy 16 000 hrs, C3 tolerance on Thrust Bearing

Materials of Construction

 Grease Zennex Lithium H.T.3 working temp 150C
 Oil SAE 10W-30

Electrical Specifications
 InsultationClass F (varnish dipped three times 10hr baking class 155C)
 Voltage 220V    380V    415V    525V    1000V

 Acceptable voltage imbalance between phases - 3%
* Min Voltage
 225V     470V
* (Not to be run on full load continuously at minimum voltage)

Can be changed on site from Direct on Line Start to STAR DELTA START.  Direction Rotation: Core cable is needed for wiring in of protection equipment.  Impeller rotation viewed from motor end clockwise, very brief stator casing jerk - anti clockwise.  On starting can run continuously or intermittently, minimum delay between starts - 4 mins.

Electrical Protection
3 x Thermal overload probes set at 130C.   The cable Junction box is separate from motor and incorporates an internal gland should cable damage result in leakage. 
Optional: Integral Overload Relay and Contactor or Phase Angle Relay and Contactor to protect against:
  • Single Phasing
  • Dry running
  • Overamping / overvoltage
  • Prolonged closed valve
  • Water ingress to motor

Pump Installation Planning

Connect the discharge piping and lower the pump suspended by the handle to a firm base.  Prevent the pumps sinking into a soft base.  The cables should not be bent or pinched and should be suspended with a maximum of 1 metre slack.  Care should be taken not to damage (puncture) the cable sheath with wire rope lifting gear.


  1. If the pump is to be suspended, prevent spinning and subsequent damage.
  2. Cable must NOT be wrapped around the pump.
  3. Do not store the pump with the cable coiled around the casing in the sump before it is installed. 
The sump may fill up with water, which can then penetrate into the cable.
Refer to the installation manual provided with each pump for full installation instructions.

Quality Assurance (3.7kw and larger)
Insulation resistance 50M OHM + between the individual phases and between the phases and earth (or min 1760v  pressure test).
The stator casing, Bearing Housing Junction Box and cover are hydrostatically tested to 100KPA.  All other cast parts are mechanically inspected and batch records of chemical analysis and transfer heat numbers are kept, guarenteeing traceability and material quality.  The injection moulded rubber cast polyurethane shorehardness is critically measured and controlled guaranteeing maximum pump efficiencies and long life.  The long life impellers are cast in high chrome iron, annealed, machined, hardened (being dynamically balanced to ISO 1940 grade 664) and ground.  The economic design includes impellers cast in hardened SG Iron.  The rotor laminations are Silicone Steel type SC6. locally punched and annealed.  The Squirrel Cage motor design incorporates copper to BS2874 C101/C102 and the whole rotor assembly is balanced to SABS 948.  The pump motor is tested electrically to IEC 34,1 while the pump hydraulic performance complies to BS5316: Part 1 1976.

Series Pumping - if one pump is unable to produce the pressure and the flow rate required several pumps of the same model can be connected in series thereby giving a high discharge pressure.  The maximum delivery head is 100m (145psi). 
The distance piping sizes between the pumps must be equal.  Non return valves must be fitted 1m below each pump that is fitted with a series coupling.  Installation is simple.  The strainer is removed, a coupling and o-ring are fitted on the studs proved on the bottom diffuser.  Once the installation is completed the units are started and stopped - sequentially.  Switching on bottom pump first.  The reverse applies when switching off - the bottom pump is switched off last.
This feature together
with the jacketed motor cooling design also allows these pumps (3,7kw and bigger) to be used as portable dry installation emergency pump stations, requiring no structures or bases.  Sacrificial Zinc Anodes - Zinc Anodes for extra corrosion protection can be fitted to these pumps.  Three anode sets can be fitted in the strainer.

Panels, Starters and Control Equipment available ex Crew.

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